Audio con texto para practicar ingles b2

Ejercicio de lectura y listening nivel B2 de inglés

Te propongo un ejercicio para que puedas practicar un poco hoy tu inglés, sobre todo si estás preparando algún examen de Cambridge. Este texto esta hecho para quienes estudian el First Certificate.
Prepárate y escucha esta historia porque será un ejercicio de listening para ti.

Pasos para hacer el ejercicio de listening correctamente 

Relájate, te aviso de que el acento es de Reino Unido
Lee antes el texto y luego escucha el audio.
Al final del texto te dejo preguntas relacionadas con el texto.
Y las respuestas un poco mas abajo.

Sunflower Valley

texto para practica de inglés

Once upon a time in the small, vibrant town of Sunflower Valley, there was an unusual event that had everyone talking. The town, known for its sunny weather and cheerful residents, was about to witness something extraordinary.

In the heart of the valley lived Emma, a young girl with a curious mind and a love for adventure. Emma spent most of her days exploring the lush forests and sparkling streams that surrounded her home. However, one day, she stumbled upon a hidden path that led to a part of the forest she had never seen before.

As she walked down the path, the trees seemed to whisper secrets, and the air was filled with a mysterious energy. Emma felt a mix of excitement and apprehension, but her adventurous spirit urged her to continue. After what seemed like hours, she arrived at a clearing where the sun shone brighter, and the grass seemed greener.

In the middle of the clearing stood a majestic tree, unlike any Emma had seen before. Its leaves shimmered in shades of gold and silver, and its trunk was as wide as a house. Emma approached the tree in awe, and as she touched its bark, a voice spoke to her.

"Welcome, Emma," said the tree. "I am the Guardian of Sunflower Valley. I have been waiting for someone with a heart as pure as yours to arrive."

Emma was startled but intrigued. The tree told her about an ancient magic that protected the valley and how it was weakening due to the residents' forgetfulness of nature's importance. The Guardian needed Emma's help to restore the magic and keep the valley safe.

Determined to help, Emma embarked on a quest to gather three rare items: a feather from the blue-winged parrot, a petal from the midnight blossom, and a crystal from the deepest part of the valley's stream. Each item was guarded by challenges that tested Emma's courage, kindness, and wisdom.

Emma's journey was arduous, but she faced each challenge with bravery. She helped the parrot find its lost chick, waited patiently for the midnight blossom to bloom, and showed respect to the creatures of the stream. In return, they willingly gave her the items she needed.

When Emma returned to the Guardian with the items, the tree's leaves glowed brightly, and a wave of energy surged through the valley. The magic was restored, and the residents of Sunflower Valley felt a renewed connection to nature and each other.

Emma's adventure had not only saved the valley but also taught her the value of perseverance, compassion, and respect for the environment. She returned home a hero, with tales of her journey that would be told for generations.

From that day on, Sunflower Valley flourished more than ever, with Emma as its guardian and friend to all living beings. The town remained a beacon of harmony and joy, a testament to the power of one person's determination to make a difference.

Responde a esta preguntas relacionadas con el texto

Question 1: What is the main setting of the story?

Question 2: Describe the character of Emma.

Question 3: What unusual discovery does Emma make during her exploration?

Question 4: Who is the Guardian of Sunflower Valley, and what is its concern?

Question 5: What items does Emma need to gather to help the Guardian, and what do they symbolise?

Question 6: What is the moral or lesson of the story?

Answer 1: The primary setting is Sunflower Valley, a small and vibrant town known for its sunny weather.
Answer 2: Emma is a young girl with a curious mind and a love for adventure who enjoys exploring the forests and streams around her home.
Answer 3: Emma discovers a hidden path leading to an unexplored part of the forest and a clearing with a majestic, unusual tree.
Answer 4: The Guardian is a magical tree in the valley. It concerns the weakening of ancient magic that protects the valley due to the residents' forgetfulness of nature's importance.
Answer 5: Emma needs to gather a feather from the blue-winged parrot, a petal from the midnight blossom, and a crystal from the valley's stream. These items symbolise courage, patience, and respect for nature.
Answer 6: The story's moral is the importance of perseverance, compassion, and respect for the environment and how one person's determination can make a significant difference.